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Animal Antics: Nap Time



Big dog. 

Little dog. 

Big dog and little dog. 

Brown dog. 

White dog. 

Brown dog and white dog. 


Big brown dog and little white dog napping together! 

(I’m feeling a little Suessical today!)




Animal Antics

This week we dug deep into our vast reliquary of pet pictures and found one of our favorites!

Animals tend to have their own unique personalities!   Yuki was one of those; sweet (when she was sleepy), funny and stubborn as an ox!  She made us laugh and made us pull our hair out in frustration.  She moved in with some wonderful grandparents who could spoil her the way she deserved.   We were sad the day she moved out…sort of!   Some days we really miss her; she made us laugh!

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