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Postcrossing Favorites

This has truly been an interesting, inexpensive, and enjoyable hobby for the past few months. Best of all, it’s nice to get mail that is not bills or junk!  Thought I’d share a few of my favorite postcards from around the world.

Favorite Building:   The Church of the Resurrection in St. Petersburg, Russia

From 17 year old, Tatiana in Ekaterinburg, Russia…She writes that the region she lives in is rich in Malachite, Emeralds, minerals and precious stones.  “Privet” = “Hi” in Russian

Favorite Scenery:  Isola D’elba, Tuscany

From Annelise in Italy.  She recently went there to dive!  She says “Ciao”

Favorite Multi-Scene:  Roma, Italy at night

From Gloria who lives close to Rome.  She loves the city and says “Ciao”

Favorite Art:  Tapestry called, “Queen Blanka”

From Aarne in Finland.  She says it is handmade in Finland’s sousthwest archipelago by the artisans of Gullkrona.  She says “Terve” for hello.

Favorite Animals:  Kittens

From  17 year old,  Nastya in Belarus.  She says that Belarus is a beautiful country with lots of lakes, rivers, and forests.  She says hello in Byelorussian, but I don’t have those characters on my keyboard!


Favorite Cultural: Costumed lady in Peking Opera

From Yumi in Taiwan.  She says the picture represents traditional drama in her country.

Favorite Back:  From a 17 year old girl who attends No.1 Middle School of Hunan Liling

The front of the card has a picture of the school and shrine.

Hope you enjoyed this post.  So many interesting people and places!  Still haven’t figured out what to do with all the postcards!  Scrapbook them, wall of cards, put them in a box to thumb through??  Any ideas?


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