Just Another Day in the Car

When the kids were little, my Mom always told me I should write down or record the cute things the kids would say.  I started to, but thought at the time it was so funny or so cute that, of course, I would remember.  How could I not??  Sure, there are a couple of occassions that stand out in my mind.  Like the time when we were leaving the quaint gift shop in town, new beanie baby in hand, and Alyssa stopped dead at the door, turned and said to the lady behind the counter,  “I love you, goodbye!”  Or the time when Evan, about 3 years old, made a very detailed imaginary object that only he could see.  When he had completed his task he lifted it proudly, high in the air, glanced upward at it, and proclaimed, “Hey, that’s not what I made!”  There were so many moments, when they were little….I should have written it down.  (OK, Mom….You were right!)

Homeschool Moments….

There are some moments when you wonder, or even dream about,  what you would be doing if you were not homeschooling.  There are some moments when you hope and pray that you’re not “wrecking” your children. Thankfully, there are other moments worthy of documentation!   Those insightful “homeschool moments”; moments when we get a glimpse of the whole picture, of how far they’ve come, and more importantly who they are becoming.

It was just another Friday.  Nothing out of the ordinary.   We had picked up a couple friends and were headed to our weekly music lessons.  Three boys in the back, one teenage girl in the front.  It was quieter than usual.  But then the boys started jabbering to each other about….what was it??…Pokemon??  Spongebob???  NO!!  They were deep in dialogue about the books they were reading!!  As I glanced in the rear-view mirror, I smiled.  But that was not all….quietly upfront, my sweet daughter sat listening to her iPod.  Who was she listening to??  Was it Miley Cyrus??   Lady Gaga???  Someone else I’ve never heard of???  NO!!  She was listening to a song in Japanese!  A song that she looked up the translation for, wrote down in Romanji and then in Hiragana.   Again, I smiled.

It is a blessing to homeschool.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.   Cherish your “homeschool moments” and don’t forget to write them down.

  1. #1 by Shannan Rossow on March 28, 2010 - 7:55 pm

    Hey, love your blog! I will add you to my e-reader on iGoogle. This way I can keep up with you. Ha!

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