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I remember many family vacations when I was a child, back in the day when you always drove and never flew.   My very organized and resourceful Mom would put together a sort of “bag of tricks”, and every once in a while she’d pull something out to distract us.  It might be a pack of gum, a new version of “Road Bingo”, or just some game she had in her head.  (You know, games like “Write-Down-All-the-States-You-See-a-License-Plate-For” and “The-First-One-to-See-a-Fire-Truck-Gets-Five-Points.” ) 

When my own kids were little, we enjoyed playing the “Alphabet Game;”   the game where you name an animal that begins with the letter “a”, then “b”, then “c” and so on.  When we were done with that, we’d move on to some other category like food, or names, or if we were feeling especially smart, maybe even countries. 

Whether you need your own boredom busters or would love to bless a friend who’s traveling, this is the perfect e-book for creative gift ideas for anyone who’s traveling.  Here’s what TOG says about…

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 Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others…

“Does your family spend a lot of time in the car?  Are you fumbling for fun until you actually reach your destination? 

Discover the joy of using travel kits! The Old Schoolhouse® presents an incredible tool you can use to entertain your own family and bless others!”

   The Travel Kits e-book takes the idea of travel entertainment to a whole new level.  It is perfect for the family on the go, or for creating unique and wonderful gifts to bless a family who is preparing for a long journey by plane, train, or automobile.    It is very well thought out with complete ideas; from what type of gifts to obtain, to putting it all together with creative, re-usable  packaging.  While many of the gifts are store-bought, there are ideas on how to incorporate innovative homemade/no cost items as well; something as simple as a coupon for a back rub for Dad or a chance to choose the radio station for a teen.  Having little surprises to open a long the way, makes the journey quick and enjoyable.  As with most e-books, there are many helpful internet links provided, including links to the Department of Tourism for all 50 states, the National Register of Historic Places, and the National Park Service, to name a few.   Here’s a sneak peak of some of the things inside:

 I’m really hoping to hear about a friend who’s traveling soon….I would love to put these great ideas to work!

For more information on Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others:

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Did you know “All E-Books published by The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine come with a 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee!”  So what have you got to lose?

Disclaimer:  Members of the TOS Crew were given free access to this e-book for their families’ use.  In return, they were asked to post  an informational review on this product. No monetary compensation was received.   For more reviews on this item, please visit:  The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew

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