Simple Gifts Sunday

I love receiving simple gifts.  You know what I mean by simple gifts, right?   They are free for the giver, yet priceless to the receiver; they are easy to acquire for the giver, yet perfect to the receiver.

Simple gifts are often spontaneous and not well planned out in advance.  That’s what makes them more special than the gifts that are purchased in a store and tied up with ribbons and bows.  This week I received not one, but two simple gifts.

Simple Gift #1

I am not a morning person!  This gift made my day!  Simple, yet perfect….flowers from the yard and a cup of coffee, first thing in the morning, from my thoughtful Hubby.

Then Friday evening, Hubby’s parents came for “Pizza Night”.   My Dad-In-Law brought me a special gift from a local park….

Simple Gift #2

Now I know, not everyone would like to receive a vile of pond scum!   But for me, it couldn’t be more perfect.  (We’re studying micro-organisms in Biology and it gave me the opportunity to pull out the microscope and see who’s in there.  (I’ll never go barefoot in a pond again!)  It was an enjoyable and memorable evening.

God gives us simple gifts everyday.  Sometimes we don’t even notice, but if we look, we are often truly inspired and awe-struck.

Take time to notice! 

Take time to give a simple gift!

I’d love to hear about your Simple Gifts….anything from a sunrise to a special drawing from a child.   

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  1. #1 by Vickie on October 17, 2010 - 4:12 pm

    I don’t have a photo but I did receive a special gift this morning. This weekend we have a 4 year old visiting us (almost 5). Her first sleepover with us and only our 3 time meeting with her. We will possibly be able to adopt her and this is a transition time period of sorts. Anyway….in church this morning, during the sermon, she looked up at me out of the corner of her eye and said, “I love you” then ducked her head real quick. I leaned down and whispered in her ear that I love her too and she grinned up at me and snuggled close. She’d glance at me and smile every couple of minutes during the rest of the sermon. A simple gift I’ll always treasure.

  2. #2 by Dawn @ Guiding Light on October 17, 2010 - 8:23 pm

    Great post! Pond scum – yes, not my most favorite gift….but sure glad it worked for you! *wink* Flowers and sunset – beautiful! Is this a meme? I’ll have to go look and see…

    • #3 by jlsgrant on October 17, 2010 - 8:27 pm

      Yes – It’s a meme…just started it today! Hoping I set it up right! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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