City Creek Press: Times Alive

This month, we had the priveledge of reviewing  the Times Alive Multiplication CD-Rom.   We previously used the book Times Tables the Fun Way, by City Creek Press, so the format was already familiar to us.  The software adds a new dimension to the book and brings the stories to life.   

The City Creek website describes it best; “The old method of “drilling” math tables using flash cards is familiar to most of us. A few students find it successful, but most consider it boring and frustrating. For students with dyslexia or other learning disabilities, it is often impossible to learn in this way.

The Fun Way approach to learning math tables eliminates the need for rote memorization. Instead:

  1. It presents every math equation as a story to be told, allowing students to attach meaning to the numbers.
  2. It attaches a variety of clues and information to the number facts, making retention and retrieval of the information much easier for students.
  3. It presents math in a fun and interactive storytelling medium that uses lively imagery and narrative to entertain and inform students.

Through the Fun Way method, students approach the subject of math with renewed interest and attention, making learning a joyful experience for students and teachers alike.”   Best of all, as they began using this method they found children recalled 95% of  their times tables!  Take a look at this video:

Since we were already familiar with the stories in Times Tables the Fun Way, it was nice to be able to reinforce the stories with videos, songs, and practice sets.   The stories created for each math fact really help cement some of the more difficult math facts.  We used it primarily to hone in on those facts that for some reason didn’t seem to stick earlier and got great results. 

I wish we would have come across this product when my children were a little younger (2nd – 4th Grade), because it would have really been a welcome relief from the typical flashcards we’re all too familiar with!  

The Times Alive Software download is currently priced at $44.95, but it is also available on a CD-Rom at $48.95.   If that is not quite in your price range, you may want to consider purchasing the book, Times Tables the Fun Way!, at just $19.95.

There are other products available in this line, so be sure to check out their website for more information.   There is also a line of products for learning Addition Facts, so you may want to request a full catalog online. 

Disclaimer: Members of the Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Homeschool Crew were given access to this product in exchange for their honest review.  No other compensation of anykind has been received.

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