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Years ago, when the kids were younger, we utilized a simple savings program, to help them understand responsible money management. We paid them an allowance, which they in turn had to divide into five different categories by percentage.  Something like this:

  • Tithe/Charity: 10%
  • Savings for Future/Emergency Fund: 40%
  • Savings for Specific Items: 20%
  • Spending Money/Gifts for others: 20%
  • Educational/Books: 10%

It was a great program to get them started, but as they got older, we got away from using it.   (Thankfully, they were diligent to protect their envelope kit, and the folder with their savings for the future sat untouched!)

Fast forward…..It’s time to get beyond the basics.  When we received our copy of the award-winning, Money Management Certification Program, I knew it would be a great fit.   WB Workbook - Homepage

The program starts with entering all money on hand in a register, then tracking all future income and expenses in one place. This was the fun part for us. I watched my son’s face light up as he pulled out his wallet, his secret storage box, and his old envelope system and began to count it out. I don’t think either child had any idea how much money they really had!

The program has the parent act as the banker, but because of their past savings and their ages, we chose to use this time to get real bank accounts for them to manage. They will keep a regular check register for their real bank account and a separate register for their spending money at home.

After learning to track their money, they learned about goal setting, budgeting, and even simple and compound interest.  Each new concept is followed by application through a related assignment.

And there is more helpful information available on the FamilyMint Blog


What a great way to get your kids started with Money Management.  I love that you have the choice between using an online app OR a workbook.  We chose to focus primarily with the workbook edition, because we are using technology solutions for so many other subjects.   Both are easy to navigate and effective in teaching your child how to manage their money.

WB FamilyMint Premium - Homepage

Here’s a quote from the FamilyMint website:

“Financial success and independence starts with forming the right habits and behaviors. This simple step-by-step program is designed to enhance learning and ensure success.”

I think they’re on the right track with this award winning program!

Obviously the key to making this a successful program for your child, is to continue utilizing the concepts learned.  The Money Management Certification Program by FamilyMint sets them on an excellent path to disciplined money management.  Starting good habits young, will help them achieve goals and make good financial decisions later in life.

So, what have you got to lose?  They have a 100% Better-than-Money-Back Guarantee, see website for details!

Product Information

Designed for ages 10+

As of this writing, there are three options available:

Option 1: Family Introductory Bundle (Workbook & Premium Online Subscription) for $29.99

Option 2: Premium Online Only Subscription – Monthly $4.99 or Annual $24.99

Option 3: FREE online application

FamilyMint has offered a coupon code just for you!  From now until March 31st, you can get 20% off your entire order at FamilyMint. Simply enter mosaics20 at checkout to receive this discount.

Please visit the FamilyMint website for the most current information and more details.


MosaicReviews125x125_zpsb7d2cb5fOther members of the Mosaic Reviews team have also reviewed this product.  Please feel free to visit their blogs by clicking the Mosaic Reviews button.

Disclaimer:  Members of the Mosaic Reviews team were given this product in exchange for their honest review. No other compensation of any kind has been received.

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