Beauty for Ashes Uganda: Water is Life!

13423855_1159626447392128_4505022537676455407_nLast fall, a friend posted on Facebook that Beauty for Ashes Uganda was looking for donors who would be willing to contribute $25.00 so a family in Acuna Village could get seeds and learn about growing their own garden. Enough seeds to provide food for a year! We were excited to participate in giving these sweet momma’s this hand up.

We were shocked when we later saw pictures of these mommas with their gardens, then their produce! Shocked because usually you give, in faith, but you never really get to see it in action, right?

Then came mosquito nets – $10 to protect a family from disease spreading insects! $10!! Then the pictures followed with the ladies of the village holding their brand
new mosquito nets…smiles all over, an answer to their prayers!13263737_1146027075418732_2029506532420671048_n

When Brandi Lea, co-founder of Beauty for Ashes Uganda, visits a few times a year, she takes you along on the journey and shares pictures and videos, interviews momma’s and lets you share in their joy. This joy, for something as simple as a mosquito net or a pack of seeds!
The people of this region have seen family members killed by rebel forces, suffered hunger and the death of their loved ones, they have taken responsibility for other peoples children, suffered with disease, and walk miles just to get water each day. And still they rejoice in answered prayer!

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to join others in providing a fresh water well for one of the communities. On an ordinary June day, my cell phone dinged and it was a video from Brandi, the day of the well opening celebration!

Water is Life!

Now it’s your turn! Would you consider joining us in providing life giving, fresh water for the people of Acuna Village? No amount is too small! You can be part of God in action in this community and be their answer to prayer.  The sooner we raise $6,800, the sooner they will have life giving fresh water!

Beauty for Ashes Uganda is an official 501(c)3.

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