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Artistic Pursuits – Junior High, Book One

We were so excited to be chosen for this review!  Since all of us most of us love to draw and sketch, this was a welcome addition to our schedule!  Before I charge ahead with our opinion, let’s hear how Artistic Pursuits describes this product:

“The Artistic Pursuits program presents both the expressive and the technical aspects of art in an age-appropriate manner. Children are curious and expressive from the start. We work with those interests to teach them to observe more closely. Skills develop as each child observes nature and enjoys the process of creating. Using ARTistic Pursuits, a child carries art tools to locations which both inspire and are chosen by the child. Creating truly personal work gives a child a sense of accomplishment that cannot be attained by copying from a book or watching an adult do it for him. They learn because direct observation is the best teacher when accompanied by an understanding of the foundational elements of art and compositional ideas.”

The 16 units in Junior High, Book One follow this pattern:

Lesson 1: Build a “Visual Vocabulary” – The first part of each unit entails simple exercises to put the principal into practice…understanding the principal, by jumping right in and doing! 🙂 This book’s concepts include: space, line, texture, shape, form, value, line in 3D, visual path, center of interest, balance & symmetry/asymmetry, rhythm, space with & with out depth, perspective, and proportion. 

Lesson 2: Art Appeciation & Art History –  This is an opportunity to see how the concept/pricipal has been applied by great artists and an opportunity to try it out for yourself

Lesson 3: Techniques – learning how to use materials and tools to apply the new concept

Lesson 4: Application – puts it all into practice  

Ok…so here’s another one that we just LOVE! 🙂 

My reluctant artist….Well, he’s still a reluctant artist, but I’m not ready to give up on him yet!   I really believe that as we continue through this book, he will continue to grow in confidence!  I know that as he puts these concepts into practice and learns new techniques, he too will be happy with his finished results.  In the lesson we completed yesterday, he started out frustrated with his beginning sketch.  But once he added some pattern, texture and shading it really made a difference.  (I think his seagull is quite nice…I’m gonna be in so much trouble!)  You just can’t give up too early, right?

My daughter, who is a avid artist, born with a pencil in her hand, loves any opportunity to draw.  She is really enjoying “learning new techniques” to incorporate into her drawings.

I am enjoying doing the lessons right along with the kids!   To be fair, I’m giving you a rare glimpse of one of my sketches….For this lesson, we had to illustrate a story about six blind guys trying to identify an elephant…

We are all looking forward to the lessons ahead and plan to use more ARTistic Pursuits curriculum in the years to come.

Purchase at:


Price: $42.95 (16 Lessons)

Other Products: Pre-School through Senior High Curriculum & Supply Packs

Also Available: Monthly Newsletter – “In the Art Room”, with great tips and ideas for artistic expression

Disclaimer: Members of the TOS Homeschool Crew were given copies of this book in exchange for their honest reviews.  No other compensation of any kind has been received.

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