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Apologia: How Do We Know God is Really There? by Melissa Cain Travis

Now that my kids are teenagers, one of the things I’m really missing is snuggling together on the couch with a good book. That, and the chance to read a good picture book!  But at least they were more than happy to read How Do We Know God is Really There? on their own to help me with this review and they both enjoyed the story.

First, here’s the book synopsis from the Apologia website:

“Thomas and his father escape to their backyard tree house most evenings to watch the night sky through a telescope. Thomas is dazzled by what he sees of God’s creation, but he has questions. ‘Dad, how do we know God is out there?’ he asks one night. ‘I know the Bible says He’s there. But how do we really know that’s true?’  Together, Thomas and his father begin to examine the cosmological evidence for God’s existence.” 

How Do We Know God is Really There? is the first book in the new Young Defenders series, written by Melissa Cain Travis, Illustrated by Christopher Voss and published by Apologia Press.    It will be part of a new series of beautifully illustrated children’s stories on Christian apologetics.


I was so happy for the timing of this book. While the intended audience is obviously the young child, my 14 year old son is interested in studying astronomy, so he was more than happy to read any book that has something to do with space.  He thought it was cool that the author explained the Big Bang Theory in a way that even young children could understand and shows God as the creative force behind it.

My daughter, age 17, also thought it was a wonderful story for kids around the age of five to ten.  She loved the idea of the being in treehouse with a telescope and the beautiful illustrations that went along with the story.

I love that this little picture book clearly demonstrates Psalms 19:1, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”  This is a beautiful story about a father and son spending time together discovering an amazing part of God’s creation. If my own kids were younger, I’m sure this little book would have been a family favorite.  I can imagine my son, especially, wanting to read this one again and again.

Because of the vocabulary, this book is best suited as a read-aloud with your young child.

Product Information

How Do We Know God is Really There? by Mellisa Cain Travis is available for purchase through:


Price: $16.00 (As of this writing), ISBN: 978-1-935495-96-3, Estimated Age:  4 – 10ish

Apologia carries an excellent line of science curriculum, Biblical worldview products, planners, and other books and resources for Christian home educating families.  They also facilitate online classes through Apologia Academy.  For more information on these and other products, visit the Apologia website.


Disclaimer: Several members of the Mosaic Reviews team received copies of this book in exchange for their honest reviews.  No other compensation of any kind has been received.  To read more reviews of this product, please click the Mosaic Reviews button.

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