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Go Fish! Ancient History

For this review, we were given the Ancient History Go Fish Game.  But first, I’d like to give you some information about The Classical Historian, creator of this fun and inventive game for reinforcing your student’s learning of Ancient History.

According to The Classical Historian website, their mission is to “help teachers provide students the skills of the historian, challenge students to research and analyze various perspectives, and respectfully and honestly guide students in thoughtful analysis, discussion, and interpretation of the past.”

They teach history through games and a creative line of curriculum choices.  The curriculum is designed to focus on “openness, analysis, healthy competition in games, respect towards opposing viewpoints, recognition of an absolute truth, and academic honesty.”

Visit The Classical Historian website to read more about their Mission and Method of teaching history.

And now for a little something about the Ancient History Go Fish Game from The Classical Historian…  These cards are divided into groups of four, by time period, region, or category, making it perfect for playing the tradition game of  Go Fish!  But there are instructions for playing 3 additional games:  Collect the Cards, Chronology, and Continents.  With a little creativity, you could use them to create your own unique games.  Since you are undoubtedly familiar with Go Fish, I’ll spend a moment introducing you to the other games:


photo (42)

The cards from five specified time periods are shuffled and scattered face up on your playing surface.  A timer is set and the object is to put all the cards in chronological order.  While the game is intended as a competition between players, this could easily be played as a Solitaire type game where the object is to beat your best score.


All the cards are shuffled and placed face up on your playing surface. You start the timer and begin by finding your four Continent cards and placing them at the top to form columns.  The player begins placing the other Ancient History cards in the appropriate geographical location.  The player with the fastest score wins.  Again, this game could be played as a Solitaire type game, beating your own best score.

Collect the Cards

This is probably the most difficult game of the bunch.  The cards are piled face down and player one takes a card from the top and reads the first clue.  The player who eventually guesses the correct answer, wins that card.  If no one guesses correctly, the player who drew the card gets to keep it.

What a fun way to reinforce all of those historical facts your family is learning!  The Go Fish Game is available in Ancient History, Medieval History, and American History.   You can buy them individually for $11.95 each, or as a bundle for just $29.95. (Price as of this writing.)

While this game may be best suited as a supplement to classical studies of the ancient world and ideally to go along with the history curriculum available from The Classical Historian, I think it would be a great addition to any history curriculum.

Product Information

The Ancient History Go Fish Game is available through the The Classical Historian website. Other products available include:

Games, Flashcards, California History, Ancient Civilization, Medieval Civilization, American History, Modern American History, Modern World History, American Government and Economics

Complete Socratic History Curriculum:  Grade 6-8, 9-12

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MosaicReviews125x125_zpsb7d2cb5fDisclaimer: Several members of the Mosaic Reviews team were given products to review in exchange for their honest opinions.  No other compensation of any kind has been received.  Click the Mosaic Reviews badge to read more reviews of this and other products from The Classical Historian.

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