Are You Listening?

God speaks…..Are you listening?

It’s funny how God speaks, isn’t it?  I have a good friend that God has used, twice now, to tell me what I should be doing…and there were others along the way as well.   When you’re not sure which way to head, ask Him and He will make it clear.  Here’s a little something to think about:  

” Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own.  Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;  He’s the one who will keep you on track.”   Proverbs 3:5-6, The Message

So here’s a little story for you….

Once upon a time, there was a diligent student.  She loved to study the Word of God in a very detailed fashion, Precept Upon Precept.  Her family took an exciting journey to a somewhat faraway place.  It was sunny there, and warm; a place where the palm trees swayed and the waves lapped gently on the beach.  And so, a decision was made to relocate to that favorite place, much to the dismay of her beloved family and maybe a friend or two.  

The Student loved to study the Word, so the first thing she did in preparation for the move, was to hunt down a Precept class.  To her dismay, none could be found.  Her teachers said, “Well, maybe you should lead one!”  To that, The Student replied, “Who me?  I can’t do that!”  But God planted a tiny seed that day.   A few weeks later, another wise teacher handed out a test booklet and requested that her students, “Take it home, complete it, and bring it back next Sunday.”  And so she did.  Lo and behold, the booklet said, “You have the gift of teaching!”.   The Student once again replied, “Oh no, that can’t be right!”.    And the teacher announced with confidence, “The Student is going to Florida to teach people about Jesus!”   The Student thought there was some kind of conspiracy going on….but alas, the tiny seed was watered.   Soon after, The Student moved away and the Lord provided plenty of sunshine to make the seed sprout! 

But The Student still could not locate a class to take!  Then suddenly, a courier arrived (well actually it was the mailperson), with news of a special “leader” training class in a village not far from her own.  So she thought for awhile, and decided to attend, even though SHE was certainly NOT a “leader”.  And the plant grew a little.  After the class had ended, she said a simple prayer.  It was something like this: “Lord, if you want me to lead a Bible Study, you’re going to have to walk right up to me and ask, because You know I’m not going to be bold enough to volunteer.”   That very next Sunday, after a wonderful time of worship, The Student was standing around visiting with friends and neighbors, when out of the blue there was a tap on her shoulder, followed by a question.   A friend says, “We were wondering if you would consider leading a women’s Bible study for us?”   God speaks….the plant grew another inch that day.  And so The Student began to lead…   

Years later came another tap.  This time, the tap came while The Student was having a little Mango & Vanilla Gelati with friends to discuss the possibility of having a high school biology co-op.  That same friend, pipes up and says something like, “I nominate The Student to lead the Biology Co-Op!”   And so The Student, once again, was called upon to lead!   God speaks, sometimes through others, so that The Student might hear a little clearer.    

God prepares us through life, for the journey ahead….even when we’re not watching the road.    You see, years and years ago, The Student studied Biology and was granted a degree, but has never had the opportunity to use it.  In younger years, a different path was taken, that lead her to the place she abides now…  


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  1. #1 by April on June 24, 2010 - 9:22 am

    I loved reading this! When God taps you on the shoulder, what else can you do but follow? Thank you for adding inspiration to my morning!

    Visiting from the Crew,


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