Pre-Historic Insects in Florida

OK….I know that Florida is known for bugs.  And everyone knows about Palmetto bugs…they can be quite large.  To be honest, I haven’t seen very many of them.  But today, taking “Small Dog” out in the yard, I encountered something truly horrifying!  So creepy, I spoke out loud to “Small Dog” !  I said, “Holy Cow, ‘Small Dog’ did you see that?” We promptly came inside.

I’ve heard that Alligators have been around since the dinosaur days.   Well, I think that this hornety, waspy looking thing must have been left-over from the Land Before Time as well.  It was so big, you could hear it’s wings flapping!  Seriously!  It was about 2+ inches in length.  Wish I would have had my camera, but I’m not sure I’d want to wait around for it to land on something.

I think it was this…cicada_killer_wasp.jpg wasp image by JeffSCRes1 Scary thing is, that seems about actual size! :-O

As far as I could tell, it might have been a Cicada Killer Wasp….nice name, huh?  (Image courtesy of Purdue University link)

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