The Curiosity Files: Cicada Killing Wasp

Why not explore an exciting topic with Professor Ana Lyze, Expert in Outlandish Oddities?

“Students love to explore, examine, and experiment with The Curiosity Files™! Switch on the excitement mode to science investigations, and witness the joy of homeschooling like it was meant to be!  Tap into all the fun learning, research, and great stuff your kids will encounter with The Curiosity Files™ . . . and the unforgettably curious new title fromThe Old Schoolhouse®”  We only reviewed one topic, but there are many to choose from.

Wow! There is so much included in the one unit study!  The Curiosity Files really do include something for almost every core subject.  Just look at what is included in this e-book:

  • Bible study, discussion ideas, and memory verses
  • Math, history, and geography investigations
  • Literature and suggested book list
  • Writing, spelling, and vocabulary activities
  • Beautiful copywork pages (manuscript and cursive)
  • Science observations, projects, and experiments
  • Discussion questions
  • Art, crafts, and drawing and coloring pages 
  • Curiosity Snippets: lapbook/notebook pages and helpful links
  • Special needs, hands-on discoveries
  • Internet resources and video links
  • Complete answer key

This particular unit study was chosen for a purpose!  Late in the summer of 2010, we observed these fine creatures in our very backyard!  When I first noticed them, I was, honestly, quite horrified!  I had never seen a wasp that big…about two inches in length and you could hear their wings flapping when they flew by! YIKES! Right?   I was so intrequed by them, I even wrote about their presence in our yard! (See Pre-Historic Insect in Florida!)

When TOS asked members of the Crew to choose from a list of Curiosity Files, I did not hesitate in choosing the Cicada-Killing Wasp!  We loved learning about the creature that is/was right in our own backyard.  We even were able to take a mini-field expedition to examine what’s left of their small mounds of dirt  from the summer busy season.  Hmmm, I wonder how many cicada’s are buried in my “make-shift” cicada graveyard?  Perhaps we can continue this study in the summer when the young cicada killers emerge.

We loved using the Curiosity Files and plan to find another topic of interest for later use.  This e-book is very thorough and professionally put together, with all kinds of activities and projects to make this a thorough unit study, as you can see from the list above.   

Some of the sections included are: 

The Write Stuff: containing grammar and writing activities,

Figure It Out: using math concepts to relate to some real-life lessons, 

Vocabulary and Spelling:  covering both elementary and middle/high school levels,

In the Lab: utilizing the knowledge just acquired in the study,  

Good Old Days: bringing in history lessons and research activities,

Where in the World:  containing geography and mapping excercises 

But wait, I’m not done!!  Don’t forget about the fun crafts, activities, and  game ideas!  It’s very easy to use with the whole family! 🙂

Age/Grade Level: Elementary/Middle School, and can adapt easily for older kids

Price:  Bundle of 9 Titles on CD for just $49, E-Book Bundle for $46, Check purchasing link for great prices on individual titles

Purchase at:  The Old Schoolhouse Store 

Other titles available:

Disclaimer:  Members of the TOS Homeschool Crew were given free copies of this E-Book in exchange for their honest reviews.  No other compensation of any kind has been received.

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  1. #1 by Jennifer on February 11, 2011 - 11:43 pm

    These are quite intimidating, aren’t they. We actually saw one attack a cicada. Well, in fact, we heard it before we saw it – what a sound! We thoroughly enjoyed our puffer fish study, and are looking at completing this one in the very near future!

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