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Poetry: Around the Forest Floor

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Monarch Catepillars

So I was just sitting out on the pool deck enjoying a smoothie, and I looked into the back yard, only to see that my milkweed is GONE!  Not again…this happens a couple of times a year and usually I catch it before its bald.  And I want to tell those catepillars, “Slow down, there’s enough for everyone.”  

 But… there may NOT actually be “enough for everyone!”  

That is until I, Momma Nature II, remembered about the milkweed that stubbornly came up among the thorns of the Bouganvillea…so I carefully transferred a couple across the yard to chow down some more. 

And while I was over there, I discovered this little guy…. I hope he makes it with all those other creepy crawler milkweed bugs… 


Looking around, I noticed almost all the milkweed has gone M.I.A….but found this crysalis hanging proudly from above….

I really should quit meddling with nature and let it do its thing!  (Maybe after I run to the nearest garden store and get more milkweed…  I don’t want anyone to starve on my account!)

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